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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Free ebook AWAKEN YOU WONDERFUL WE for one more day: 28/10/2017 (U.S. time).

Free ebook  AWAKEN YOU WONDERFUL WE for one more day: 28/10/2017 (U.S. time). The last time 5/5 day.

When do we realize the Effects of stress on mind, body, and brain?
In mind, we called mental problems, insomnia, headache, suicide problems, social problems.
Effects of stress on the body: stomach, intestine we called the stomach problems, gastrointestinal problems; on heart, vein, we call cardiovascular diseases.
Stress on the school: school problems
Stress on the world we called human problems, which may lead to World War
Stress start from the state of mind: hatred, anger, ignorant, illusive assumption.

It is not cold, virus, flu kills American, but the stressed mind. January is the most stressed month because of tired working, pressure from work, pressure from the deadline of the credit card, mainly from Stressed, Discontented, Hysterical MIND.

Check these symptoms to know you are under stress or not, only by SMART WATCH. If yes, only medication is useless, the only punishment is useless, the only prison is not enough.
America may have the pandemic of Flu or Cold in this season.
We need to think of the alternative technique to calm the mind, soothe the pain and find inner peace for all: meditation, and lifelong learning to kill Greed, Hatred, Anger and Ignorant. Live mindfulness and awakening can help us save the world.
Simply Using smartwatch we can know the state of mind, the state of mind, the rhythm of feeling: love, hatred, stress or anxiety. To know the world are HYSTERICALLY STRESSED OR NOT?

A new view of autism, depression, ADHD.

Thank you, mom and dad, friends, sorry for the pain and hurt that you are experiencing.
The same pattern with January is the month of paying credit card after black Friday. It is the month of heart diseases, soaring death rate and flu.
One thing I know is your child is under stress, extreme stress by themselves or adults. We need to understand them.
Stress season of US is highest in January: with the soaring of death, and cardiovascular stroke. Maybe they are too stress because enjoying time passed, boring stressful work begin and stressful paying credit cards for the amount that overspend before Holiday, New Year'Eve, and black Fridays. School also make American stress. The number of death reduced substantially during summer vacation, and the number of injury for kids is increased, maybe the kids play more freely than other time.
One thing to check about the effect of schooling in society: look at the diagram of the death rate between America and Europe with Australia and New Zealand. The pattern is so obviously opposite according to the different school schedule and summer vacation.
Best of all
Embrace him with love, connection, free stress environment, and chances of joy, happiness to build his abilities. Stress dominates him that he is out of control. Think of meditation.
All of these will soothe the overactive or stressed mind. Think of the moment you are under extreme stress, you may react like him, you may hurt other unconsciously.
Stressed in the family, no matter rich or poor usually have simple patterns, all statistician can prove that. Just search the geographical distribution in Google of the problem we will understand the pattern of STRESS.
+ Father: with cardiovascular diseases, sexual dysfunction, depression
+ Mother with mental diseases: depression, autoimmune diseases, stomach problems or thyroid problems.
+ kids under stress: upset stomach, vomiting, cold, flu symptoms,  or Autism, ADHD, overreact, rebelling and/ or juvenile autoimmune diseases.
All of this has some rhythm that only can describe by the Rythm of STRESS.

Awaken Parents:
"No disabilities, no mental illness, no murderer are born. Only healthy babies, all doctors, physicians, and medical test said that. Only angel babies are born, all parents, adults said that"
They live in stress, eat in fear, sleep in anxiety, playing in the boring safe side, wear luxury clothes in discontentment, study with pressure, and sexing with contempt, and hysterically getting the lifesaving vaccination. They never find real joy, happiness.
Stress chemical: Adrenalin, noradrenalin, and cortisone.
- Effects of Adrenalin: Sweating, Nausea and vomiting, Pale skin, Feeling short of breath, Dizziness, Weakness or tremors, Headache, Feeling of nervousness or anxiousness,
- Effects of Norepinephrine: Pain, burning, Numbness, weakness, or cold, Slow or uneven heart rate, Trouble breathing, Vision, speech, or balance difficulties, Blue lips or fingernails, Spotted skin
- Minor side effects Cortisol: Acne, dry skin, or thinning skin, Bruising or discoloration of the skin, Insomnia, Mood changes, Increased sweating, Headache, Dizziness, Nausea, stomach pain,
- Serious side effects cortisol: Vision problems, Swelling, Rapid weight gain, Shortness of breath, Severe depression or unusual thoughts or behaviors, Seizures, Bloody or tarry stools, Coughing up blood, and pancreatitis: pain in your upper stomach that spreads to your back; nausea and vomiting; or fast heart rate.
Under stress state, cardiovascular medication only makes the temporary relief.

Because of me, because of you I always enjoy these chemicals in eating, receiving, getting, giving, sleeping and enjoying.
Good kids, good people, good citizens are the victims of Ignorant, hysterical Stressed World because of their GOODNESS, CONSIDERATION, and HELPLESSNESS. Rare we see the prisoners or gangster commit suicide. They died because of stress in another way.
Do not trust the ones who master in diagnosing, prescribing but poor in healing.
"Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don't get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust not only me but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid" - Kelly Clarkson

Lack of vital few in society in the world creates hysteria. Not cold, not flu, kill People but stress in mind, body, organ, brain, because of lacking Love, Connection, free stress environment and Ability or Understanding,

The world is spending half of it money: $ thousand billion on buying a weapon for finding safety, certainty or peace. Then they spend $ thousand billion on expensive medicine, luxury products, cars, villas for find the feeling of significance, recognition, importance, with the hope of sleeping well, relaxing, relieving, and enjoying the artificial comfort and happiness?
A stressed moment can kill a student
A stressed moment can kill a banker,
A stressed moment can kill a CEO,
A stressed moment can kill a politician.
They are strong but the severe stress moment can have affected all their life. It embeds in their brain, cell, the organ that we do not consciously know but the subconscious mind know that moment: smell, sound, noise, invisible signal then create the conditioned responses to it.
You see: Soldiers in the war ended 1950 are still under stress with any mild unwanted triggers.
Real need and the real lack
1. Unconditional love:
2. Connection: people, animal, diversified nature, understanding with parents.
3. Unstressed environment: happy, warm, cheering; then make them have the feeling of safety, certainty to work, try, play, do and fail... they have more skill and abilities to deal with the needed problems, the challenge in life
4. Ability to deal with fact of life - the fact that some people may think is a big threat, problems, or danger.
- The combination of these four factors describes the big difference in boy and girls in autism, ADHD: the instinct of female make the infant, the cute make girl do not get problems.
Father said: “the day autistic child happy he will less over-react than the stressful day.”
If gen, food, chemical or ... there will have the same percentage of boy and girls, the city, and the countryside.
With normal development, 2-3 months old children have the responses, interested, pay attention to the talking and smile back, shaking hands and body when parents talk directly to them. Do this regularly, If you see the signs of not paying attention or indifference - the early signs of stress, unloved or unsafety, over time children may get more severe problems in the brain and mental problems - you need to apply your simple act with a calm, peaceful mind. Observe the pattern of sleeping, eating, crying, and emotion to realize early signs since 1-2-3 months old to have the early simple intervention.

You should pay attention to provide more love, peaceful environment, sing, dance, play music with joy, create the natural energy of the young for kid, not the stupid quiet, silence and too much tidy of the nursery home, you are peace of mind to kiss, hug, embrace, chances of creating abilities, and more connection to the diversity of nature, animal, and real fruit.
The variation of these for factors and the combination of them are the answer for all problems that scientists do not pay attention:
- In ADHD, Autism: boy much more than girls because Girls from the instinct are more cute, more communicable than boys.
- ADHD, Autism in the city is significantly higher than in the countryside, even the city has the better standard of living, eating,.. but they lack connection, freely play, learn from nature and other kids. Children have more abilities to adapt to stress than in the city. But they got another stress, problems.
- Dogs, cats can create contact with kids and help autistic kids. Scientific has proved.
- Scientists see that Oxytocin can help the autistic child, they are doing more research to carry it on the autistic child in the future but they do not know that kissing, hugging, making love and skin contact can create Oxytocin.

- Children in the orphanage may have enough food, protection, and less stress but they lack love, intimate connection with parents so most of them have problems with social skills.
- Because of stress, lacking skill, if wrong and poor intervention, kids may develop many other diseases: depression, psychotic problems, ... that we do not know why.
- We need to enlighten to know: Unless we reach the enlightenment to know what is happening inside yourself and other.
If not, we are controlled by living environment: by rewards and punishments, conditioned responses, or coding the mind.
Seeing someone eating a lemon, your saliva. it is the conditioned response. Doing something against your religious belief, you fear. Even there are billions of people do against your religious belief but fit their belief, they are fine or excited. Eating dog meat in some countries is ok, but westerner will vomit as the conditioned of disgust food. Don't laugh, eating beef is normal with you, but the cow is the Holy animal of Hindu.
All come into the religion of kindness, love. Because people forget that we live in the quantum world, quantum mind, quantum body, its characters are interdependent, egoless and empty. We will experience mutual pain and mutual benefit. Carbon, oxy, hydro of our body may come from the sperm of raper, mad girls, chair of Hitler, the blood of mothers, mucus of soldiers, hair of God, saliva of Holly Spirits, and stool of the dinosaur, wild animal in any scale of the human calendar. The beating, spitting to weak children, kids may create terrorists, atomic bombers, prisoners, presidents, soldiers in next 20, 40 years.
"Rivers, ponds, lakes, seas are the different names of things contain water. So are the religions"
We may go to perish if we forget this. The process of extinction will faster with the help of advanced technology, atomic bombs, and billions weapon. Stressed mind with guns can kill more than we can imagine. Suicide with the gun never miss...
Awaken You Wonderful We.
The reason why and how to effectively help autistic kids, victims you can find on the website and book: AWAKEN YOU WONDERFUL WE.


Van Duy Dao (2017). Awaken You Wonderful We. Amazon
Free on Amazon:

Time for contemplation: mixing pictures to find out the cause and cure

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